TAcc+ Happy Hour新創交流分享會

In 2020, the industry will be affected by irresistible external forces. Some people will benefit because people will be greatly affected. However, changes are a crisis and an opportunity for startups. We see that there are still startups IPOs abroad. companies receive investment and the change in lifestyle creates opportunities for new startups to rise.

More than just an event:
Participants can also make an on-site appointment and provide a 20-minute fast new creation consultation
Meals and drinks will be prepared on site. We hope that all guests can communicate with TAcc+ partners. You can make appointments after one night is not enough~

Due to the COVID-19, there will be a limit on the number of people, please remember to register!


☀️當天將會有TAcc+的大家長Gary Wang、TAcc+新創校友團隊,以及合作夥伴AWS, Techstars的分享,豐富內容歡迎一起來共襄盛舉,認識不一樣的TAcc+。

Gary Wang - CEO of TAcc+
鍾尊智 執行長 - 奈捷生物科技
周宏達 創辦人 - 聖德斯貴聲學科技
張漢予 執行長 - 瑞準科技
Delbert Huang - Chairman of 耐鋭利科技
Thomas Tsao - CEO of 艾瑞瓷精密
David Ling - Techstars
Alex Cheng - AWS